Maximo Park

A welcome return for Maximo Park who headlined Bingley Music Live in 2011. Formed in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2000, the band have released 6 albums to date, with their first two albums, A Certain Trigger(2005) and Our Earthly Pleasures (2007) selling over 300,000 copies and going Gold.

2017 saw Maximo Park return to the airwaves with Risk To Exist, their first release since 2014’s Too Much Information. The album has received critical praise for its politically slanted themes tackling the lack of empathy for global refugee crisis’ and anger in the face of the elitist, established order of British Society.

Speaking to NME, front man Paul Smith explained his new found venom, ““Some songs are simple messages of solidarity…There’s a questioning of power throughout and a feeling that there must be a different way of structuring our society in order to alleviate inequality”.

Watch Maximo Park throw two fingers up to the establishment at Bingley Music Live this summer. Grab your ticket here.