Music Genre Performances

  • Since Florida serves as the best tourist destination, entertainment forms parts of the activities tourist come to enjoy.

    Whether you are a fan of rock or hip hop or reggae or gospel music, we have your wishes at heart.

    You’ll have everything you want on this site. These are some of the music genres performed at the site.

    1. Country

    This is slow music dating from the old times, as much as it’s still prevalent in the current generation, the listeners are mostly the old generation.

    It includes American folk type of music with styles like that of Cajun and Appalachian. We stream this music live on our site.

    As you enjoy your movie, tune in and have fun even when at home having a good time.

    1. Hip hop

    The Latin Americans and Black Americans love this kind of music, for it acts as a reminder of their roots.

    Also referred to as rap music, it’s fast-paced music common among the young generation. In Florida, entertainment spots with this kind of music are full of young people.

    1. Reggae

    Jamaica is the origin of reggae. That means the Latin Americans love it, for it’s associated with a specific tradition and culture.

    The kind of dressing and the rainbow colors dictates this kind of music genre. Apart from the sound system, you will notice a reggae theme festival even from the dressing.  

    1. Orchestral

    If you are looking for a difference in music performance, it’s essential to go for orchestral music.

    It’s a music genre originating from the Italians. It involves the use of many musical instruments played at a go with a systematic rhythm.

    The instruments you ant miss in an orchestral music include

    • Violin
    • Cello
    • Double cess
    • Trombone
    • Horn
    • Viola


    1. Live bands

    When you can’t have all your artists on one platform yet you want to listen to their music, then at this point, you need to listen to a live band.

    It gives you the feeling of real musicians singing right in front of you.

    1. Modern classical

    This music genre comprises four kinds of music: electronic music, minimalist music, experimental music, and serial music. It involves a touch of both the traditional and modern music types.

    1. Choral

    Also known as a full orchestra, this is a kind of music that involves a group of singers with musical instruments well choreographed to produce a good piece.

    The beauty of choral music is that the four voices, soprano, tenor, alto, and bass, sing together for a harmonious music piece.

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