What You Need for a Music Festival

A music festival is no doubt worth your time and attention as attending a music festival expose you to lots of fun-filled benefits. Music festivals are utterly superb and partaking in them would leave you with long-lasting golden memories. You’ll meet new people and also connect with your favorite artists. Apart from having your ears filled with sweet melodies, attending a music festival is right for your health, and it also serves as an excellent economic booster. However, whether you’re a first-timer music festival-goer or a regular goer, there’re essential materials and necessities you can’t avoid to leave behind for a music festival.

Lack of these necessities can dent your experience at the festival and make it a bust. You surely don’t want that. Most music festivals usually last three days and often take place in the summer period; therefore, you’ve got to prepare accordingly. Here is a comprehensive list of what you need before embarking on a music festival journey.

Sleep Requirements

Since a music festival typically lasts more than the twenty hours, having a good camping tent ready is a basic necessity. Some of the factors you can consider when choosing your camping tent include the weight and the size of the tent. For example, consider opting for a light but robust and portable tent since you might have to move with it to your festival campground. In choosing the size, you’ve got to consider the number of people intended to use the tent.

For example, if you’re going with a large number of people such as your friends and family, you’ll want to go with a tent that’s big enough to accommodate everyone. In terms of lightness and portability, a three-season would be the best choice while a four seasons tent is ideal for extreme weather conditions periods such as intense wind or heavy snow.

Consider going with a sleeping bag to keep you warm and comfortable at night since you might experience cold nights. Having a blanket will also provide you with additional comfort and warmth, especially during freezing nights. You can again go with your soft ears plugs to reduce the noise from the environment at night. Thus, you can sleep better.

Nutrition Requirements

Embarking on a music festival with fresh and perishable foods is impossible since they’re prone to quick staleness. Thus, consider going with non-perishable foods like dried fruits, and nuts which are likely to last for days. Consider going with moderate snacks and avoid the excess purchase of fast foods if available at the festival area. For healthy water consumption, consider going with a refillable water bottle which you can use to fetch water at the festival area or near water fountains.

Health and Hygiene Requirements

Consider going with clean toiletries, a hand sanitizer and a deodorant, and a towel for hygiene’s sake. You can choose a microfiber towel since it’s soft, light, thin, absorbs and dries more water quickly. In case of contingency, consider going with a mini emergency kit, available medications and some painkillers to relieve minor pains that you might experience during the festival, especially since you’re likely to stand frequently. As a female, consider going with some sanitary products.

Clothing and Weather Conditions Requirements

Ensure the clothes you choose in the hot weather are light, friendly and comfortable. Nevertheless, sweaters, socks etc. are some of the clothing you can take for cold nights. Go with comfortable shoes and a shoe sac to keep your shoes when off. Most music festivals are held in the summer, but still, you’ve got to prepare for any weather change that might occur. Weather isn’t permanent; they can change anytime. Consider going with your sunglasses/sunscreen, hat/hair scarf during the summer to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from penetrating your skin which can expose you to cancer disease risks and sunburns. As welders need advanced technological tools for precise cutting and efficient protection at work, so you likewise require these protective gears against unfavourable weather conditions. You can also take a camping lantern for use in the nights as it’s preferable to a headlamp/flashlight.


The eventual things you need for packing to have a great time at a music festival depends totally on you; thus, you can add necessary personal materials to the ones mentioned above. However, ensure you take less of your belongings, and only go with portable materials. And in a festival with an overwhelming crowd, consider labelling your materials to avoid loss through property thefts. With these in place, get ready to experience the best time of your life, at a music festival.

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