What to Eat Before Attending a Music Festival to Keep You Full for Longer

When planning to attend a music festival, a lot goes into the preparation process. Even as you determine and pack the necessities you’ll need while at the festival, choose the right foods to eat before your departure.
You can even pack some foods to bring along.
Foods vary and what you eat determines if you’ll be full for longer or not. Different foods affect your fullness in differing ways.
For instance, you get less calories and more energy from eating oatmeal or boiled potatoes than eating a croissant or ice cream.
Foods that make you full for longer fight hunger, helping you consume less food the next time you eat. Therefore, filling foods give you more energy and less calories to assist you lose weight long-term.

What to Look for in Filling Foods


After eating, you’re likely to feel full and experience loss of appetite, a condition referred to as satiety.
The satiety index scale is responsible for measuring this effect. Developed in 1995, the scale was created through a research study that screened 38 different foods and 240 calorie servings.
The researchers ranked the foods based on their ability to make you full for longer. More filling foods scored at least 100. But, less filling foods scored below 100.
Eating foods that score more than 100 on the satiety index ensures that you only eat fewer calories. Some features of filling foods you need to now include:

  • High fiber content – fiber fills you with bulk to keep you full for longer. It improves digestion time and slows down emptying from your stomach.
  • High protein content – the most filling macronutrient is protein. It alters satiety hormones (such as GLP-1 and ghrelin) levels.
  • Low energy density – the foods are weighty but low in calories. They’re high in fiber and water content, but low in fat. This makes them filling.
  • High volume – contains high air or water content to improve satiety levels, hence more filling.

Unlike processed foods, unprocessed foods are more filling in general. Some filling foods you can eat before attending a music festival and even pack some include:

5 Filling Foods to Consume Before Leaving for a Music Festival


Boiled potatoes

Potatoes are healthy and nutritious.
When cooked unpeeled, potatoes provide vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and potassium, respectively. They’re also rich in carbohydrates and water, and protein and fiber in moderate amounts. Potatoes are also fat-free.
Unlike other high-carb foods, potatoes are highly filling.
Boiled potatoes score 323 on the satiety index, meaning it’s filling. This is almost 7 times higher than the score of croissants.
According to a study, consuming pasta or white rice with steak leads to a higher calorie intake than eating pork steak with boiled potatoes.
Research also shows that potatoes contain a protein known as inhibitor 2 (PI2), explaining why it’s so filling. The protein suppresses appetite to lower your calorie intake while keeping you fuller for longer.


Oatmeal porridge makes a filling breakfast. Oats are rich in fiber and low in calories. It contains a soluble fiber known as beta-glucan. Ranking 3rd on the satiety scale, oatmeal scores high and thus is filling.
Unlike ready-to-eat cereals for breakfast, studies show that eating oatmeal is more filling, leaving you feeling less hungry. It also lowers your calorie intake.
The ability of oatmeal to soak up in the water and its rich fiber content point to its filling power. The soluble fiber in oats makes you full and triggers the release of satiety hormones. Eating oatmeal also delays emptying of your stomach so you’re full for longer.


Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids (essential fats) and high-quality protein.
Omega-3 fatty acids, according to a study, makes obese or overweight people feel full faster and for longer. Other studies show that fish protein has a stronger effect on fullness in comparison to other protein sources.
Unlike other foods rich in proteins such as meat and eggs, fish scores higher on the satiety index. In comparison to beef and chicken protein, another study found that fish protein has the strongest impact on satiety.


Despite mixed evidence, people believe that liquids are less filling than solid-based foods.
Soups are different. According to studies, soups can be more filling than solid foods made from similar ingredients.
In a study, participants consumed chunky soup, a solid meal, or a smooth soup prepared using a food processor. The smooth soup had the most effect on the speed of emptying the stomach and feeling full for longer.


Lean meats are rich in proteins, making them filling.
With a satiety index score of 176, beef has a great effect on your satiety. Meat ranks second after fish in protein content.
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Filling foods are rich in protein or fiber, and low in energy density. They’re usually whole and made from single ingredients. You won’t just be full for longer at the event, but also control calorie-intake.

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