Green Initiatives

Bingley Music Live is committed to adopting environmental practices in an attempt to meet the requirements of BS 8901, the British Standard for a sustainable event management system.

So what are we doing? A phased approach towards a sustainable festival has been adopted with the intention of building on existing management systems to develop a policy that will include planning, implementation, monitoring and control. To kick-start the process and with a simple checklist of Recycle, Re-use and Reduce, event staff are  challenged to come forward with sustainable event solutions that can be implemented at the festival.

Key ‘green’ practices currently adopted by the festival include:

  1. Inclusion of traders offering fair trade and ethical products.
  2. Requests to traders to use bio-degradable products.
  3. Transport and Travel. Promotion and emphasis on use of public transport including bus/rail and lift share initiative
  4.  Use of LED low carbon lighting for stage production.
  5.  Re-use of event signage
  6. Separation and recycling of waste.
  7.  Self stop compression taps used for drinking water in audience areas.
  8.  Do not waste water signage
  9.  Local supply chain for festival suppliers and services where reasonably practicable.
  10.  Use of recycled paper in all publicity material.
  11.  Carbon off-setting through tree planting projects.

Please help us in our aim to make BML a more sustainable festival and email your ideas to