Will Call – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Music Events Glossary

I. What is Will Call?

Will Call is a term used in the ticketing industry to refer to a service where customers can pick up their pre-purchased tickets at the venue on the day of the event. Instead of receiving physical tickets in the mail or printing them at home, customers can opt to have their tickets held at the venue’s box office for them to collect in person.

II. How does Will Call work?

When purchasing tickets for an event, customers have the option to select Will Call as their delivery method. After completing the transaction, the tickets are set aside at the venue’s box office under the customer’s name. On the day of the event, the customer can go to the Will Call window, present a valid ID, and collect their tickets.

III. What do I need to pick up my tickets at Will Call?

In order to pick up tickets at Will Call, customers typically need to present a valid photo ID that matches the name on the ticket order. This is to ensure that the tickets are being released to the correct person. Some venues may also require the credit card used to purchase the tickets as an additional form of verification.

IV. Can someone else pick up my tickets at Will Call?

In some cases, customers may not be able to pick up their tickets at Will Call themselves. If this is the case, they can usually designate another person to pick up the tickets on their behalf. The designated person will need to present a copy of the customer’s ID, a signed authorization letter from the customer, and their own valid ID in order to collect the tickets.

V. How early should I arrive to pick up my tickets at Will Call?

It is recommended that customers arrive at the venue with enough time to pick up their tickets at Will Call before the event starts. The exact timing can vary depending on the popularity of the event and the size of the venue, but a general rule of thumb is to arrive at least 30 minutes to an hour before the event begins to allow for any potential lines or delays.

VI. What happens if I arrive late to pick up my tickets at Will Call?

If a customer arrives late to pick up their tickets at Will Call, they may risk missing the beginning of the event. In some cases, venues may have a cutoff time for ticket pickup, after which the tickets may be released to the general public or returned to the box office. It is important to check the specific policies of the venue and event to avoid any issues with late ticket pickup.