Rooftop Music Performance – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Music Performance Glossary

What is a Rooftop Music Performance? A rooftop music performance is a live music event that takes place on the rooftop of a building. These performances can range from intimate acoustic sets to full-scale concerts with professional sound and lighting equipment. Rooftop music performances are popular in urban areas where outdoor space is limited, as … Read more

Broadcast – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Live Streaming and Recording Glossary

What is a Broadcast? A broadcast is the distribution of audio or video content to a wide audience. It is a method of transmitting information to multiple recipients simultaneously. Broadcasting can be done through various mediums such as television, radio, and the internet. It allows for the dissemination of news, entertainment, educational content, and more … Read more

Bandwidth – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Sound Engineering Glossary

I. What is Bandwidth? Bandwidth refers to the range of frequencies that can be transmitted over a communication channel or processed by a system. In the context of sound engineering, bandwidth is crucial for accurately capturing and reproducing audio signals. It determines the amount of data that can be transmitted or processed within a given … Read more

Mechanical License – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Music Business Glossary

What is a Mechanical License? A mechanical license is a legal agreement that grants permission to reproduce and distribute copyrighted musical compositions in the form of physical or digital recordings. This license is required when an artist or record label wants to cover a song that they did not write themselves. The term “mechanical” refers … Read more

Powered Speaker – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Audio Equipment Glossary

I. What is a Powered Speaker? A powered speaker, also known as an active speaker, is a type of speaker that has a built-in amplifier. This means that the speaker does not require an external amplifier to function. Powered speakers are commonly used in sound reinforcement systems, such as PA systems, studio monitors, and home … Read more

Lighting Director – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Music Events Glossary

I. What is a Lighting Director? A lighting director is a key member of a production team responsible for designing and executing the lighting plan for a live performance, television show, film, or event. They work closely with the director, set designer, and other members of the production team to create the desired atmosphere and … Read more